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Alken & Lay Family Photoshoots

They are one of our good friends and I shall give them the best family photos that I can take 🙂

The photo shooting was taken in East Perth area. One of the well-known areas for photoshooting.

I knew that it’s going to be drizzling in the morning. So, we were rushing to get there.

As we got out of our cars, it drizzled. I thought, oh well, let’s do it next time and they kinda agree too.

But, they’ve dressed nicely for the photo shooting. I don’t want to leave with disappointment. oh well a bit drops of rain wouldn’t hurt my camera :p

This is my fav snap of the day!

The kids were well behaved (that’s the most important thing!) and so the photoshooting took about 15-20minutes.

Very happy with the result.

Here’s the snap:

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