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Copley V | Custom Made Guitar Photo shoot

Today I had the opportunity to photoshoot this awesome looking guitar.

It’s got floyd rose bridge so it’s metal-ready axe!, perfect for that dive bomb whammy!

Front view

Front view

Check out this birdseye maple neck


Here are the rest of the photos:

10734201_615821028528680_1386613512814238545_n 15495_615821458528637_1017014679404141870_n 10431564_615821051862011_795754847718200592_n

This guitar is pretty light. And no, I didn’t try plugging it to an amp so I don’t how it sounds like, but I’ll bet it sounds killer!!

Check out Toby’s FB page


I used my Canon 5dmk3 with sigma 35mm and 1 x speedlite to shot these photos. Sigma lens is amazingly sharp.


Thanks for reading.

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