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Thirty3 Victims, Level Seven, Reapers Riddle, From Isolation

Level Seven start off the night playing some awesome tunes.

Followed by From Isolation. Bit tricky doing photoshoot for these guys cause these boys move around alot so they got me pretty much on my toe :p
Reapers Riddle next, they are great too. I just wish i had my long lens so i could get a shot of the drummers, cause they are located far back!
Now, the main attraction! the Thirty3 Victims !! They’ve got awesome tunes, great guitar sound (i’m a sucker for great guitar sound haha :p).

The main problem shooting these guys are the lighting.

The venue didn’t provide good enough lighting to allow us produce good clean crisp photos.

That is why lots of these photos i took are either in black/white colour or sepia colour

Good lighting = good photos.
I could’ve gotten away with a bit of flash, but i didn’t have it with me yesterday.

Canon 16-35mm F2.8L was used the first band, switched to sigma there after.


Canon 5D body


Canon 16-35mm F2.8L

Sigma 24mm F1.8

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