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I’ve just compiled my best photos through out the years.

Come and check it out!

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Copley V | Custom Made Guitar Photo shoot

Today I had the opportunity to photoshoot this awesome looking guitar.

It’s got floyd rose bridge so it’s metal-ready axe!, perfect for that dive bomb whammy!

Front view

Front view

Check out this birdseye maple neck


Here are the rest of the photos:

10734201_615821028528680_1386613512814238545_n 15495_615821458528637_1017014679404141870_n 10431564_615821051862011_795754847718200592_n

This guitar is pretty light. And no, I didn’t try plugging it to an amp so I don’t how it sounds like, but I’ll bet it sounds killer!!

Check out Toby’s FB page


I used my Canon 5dmk3 with sigma 35mm and 1 x speedlite to shot these photos. Sigma lens is amazingly sharp.


Thanks for reading.

Chaos Divine LIVE at Amplifier – 24 AUG 2012

Last Friday night I had a chance to photoshoot this awesome band at Amplifier.

Lighting is very dark! Well, it is normal for this kinda genre (metal).

These guys remind me of TOOL but in a melodic, atmospheric kinda way.

Lotsa head banging involved 🙂

Camera used:

Canon 5Dmk2


Canon 70-200mm F2.8L

 Extra lighting:

Canon speedlite 530EXII

Here are the snaps:

Serial Killer Smile LIVE @Amplifier Capitol – 24 AUG 2012

These guys were opening up for CHAOS DIVINE.

The venue (Amplifier Capitol) wasn’t packed so I was able to roam around very close to the stage. I didn’t need my speedlite to snap these photos.

I really enjoyed watching/listening these guys.

Check them out –

 Camera used:

Canon 5Dmk2


Canon 70-200mm F2.8L

Here are the snaps:

House VS Hurricane @ The Amplifiers – 11th AUG 2012

I am now part of AMN (Australian Musicians Network).

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot a Metal core – Melbourne group called – House VS Hurricane.

The venue was super packed, audience were jumping, screaming, stage diving, haha it was fun night. And no,  I didn’t stage dive … i got my camera with me :p

It was pitched black, the only lighting came from stage lighting. I had to crank up my ISO to 5000. I guess my 5Dmk2 can handle high ISO *NICE* 🙂

Gears used:

Canon 5Dmk2

Lenses used:

Canon 70-200mm F2,8L

Here are the shots:



Till next time guys!!